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First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about us. I have always had a desire to raise puppies, and I feel blessed that God has granted me the ability to breed beautiful, high-quality poodles and doodles. For several years, I worked in emergency medicine, and during that time, I had a heartfelt wish to provide my son, who has autism, with an amazing therapy/service animal. Unfortunately, financial constraints prevented me from doing so.

There were countless moments during my work on the ambulance when I wished we had a therapy dog on board. Many of our patients, as well as the medical staff, could have greatly benefited from their presence.

We have been breeding for two years now, and our ultimate objective is to become an accredited therapy dog provider. God has instilled in me a profound passion for helping people. I genuinely love and care for each and every one of our little pups. It is incredibly difficult when you genuinely adore all of them, and there hasn't been a single puppy that has left without me having to hold back tears.

Additionally, every year we donate one puppy to a child with disabilities. If you know of a family with a child who could benefit from this donation, please send me their information.

Thank you for your interest in Pioneer Poodles & Doodles. We are dedicated to breeding exceptional puppies and making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.

Danielle & Brad

Danielle & Brad Hamilton

Owners, Pioneer Poodles & Doodles

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